How THC E-Liquid is The Solution To Potential Marijuana Problems

thc e-liquidThe production, distribution, and consumption of cannabis seem to vary from country to country with some countries making legal the use of the drug. In the U.S. alone, already eight states have legalized recreational marijuana, and some are already witnessing positive results of making the drug available. A significant effect is an economy being boosted by escalating revenues in the marijuana business.

Even with these positive results, people have still looked at cannabis an unsafe drug. So many have sought to THC e-liquid (CBD Oil) as a safe alternative to marijuana. Even though legalizing weed has been beneficial,  THC e-liquid does not carry the negative stigma,

Benefits of Legalization

Other brighter sides of legalizing the weed including dropped crime rates, drops in murder rates, decreased marijuana-related arrests and crimes. But these don’t hold a candle to cons of legalizing pot. The prospects of significant revenues in tax from marijuana sales are like mist at dawn. It would clear away in no time once the negative side of marijuana rears its ugly head.

Highlighted below are just some of the reasons why it’s better to advertise the use of CBD oils.  These are some of the adverse effects in any particular city can expect from too much marijuana use:


There is an overall increase in the number of homeless people. This has been noted in Colorado where the number of street-people keeps rising since abusers migrate where there are no laws against pot.

High cost of living

The general rise in population has also been a factor in straining the already strained economy. People are seeking to tap into the promising marijuana market moving in from other regions adding to the high rental costs. This has also fueled the homeless situation.

Increased marijuana-related accidents

Drivers tested positive for pot usage have more than doubled the number of fatal road accidents. These accidents increases in states where marijuana has been legalized. In Colorado, for instance, the number of marijuana-related road accidents has been steadily on the rise.

Increased hospitalizations

Public ease of access to pot has resulted in the rise of ER visits from dangers related to dependency, to violence after abuse if the drug.

Child users and abusers

Though nobody below the age of twenty-one is allowed access to the drug, this doesn’t mean they won’t get their hands on it, especially if it is easily accessible. From Middle school to High school, children as young as eleven have become users. This has led to even further problems in schools as the rate of suspensions, and drug abuse frictions have been on the rise. In colleges, the use of pot has also doubled since the legalization of the drug in 2012.

Dysfunctional families

This problem probably won’t be seen on a large scale for years, but it’s there, and cannabis certainly fuels it one way or the other. Substance abuse breaks relationships far quicker than any other factor.

Use of other drugs

Experts claim that youths currently using marijuana and especially those abusing it are at the highest risk of falling into much harder drugs.

Decreased productivity

The frequent use of marijuana in working adults is deemed to be a factor in reduced productivity which may result in job losses especially in case of dependency.

Since CBD oil contains very small amounts of THC and is not seen as an illegal drug, the adverse effects mentioned above would be non-existent. Read more about it at