Taking Care Of Your Hair

beautiful hairDear all, you’ll find bellow few general hints about how to treat your hair in order to make sure it stays growing, good looking and healthy.


If you are healthy, your hair is healthy as well. Live a healthy life, exercise, eat good, no smoking, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep nightly.

Hair Products

First of all, you should avoid using products which contain a lot of compounds, like hair dye. Additionally, products which contain alcohol are bad for you as they dry out hair.

Another suggestion, when using hair styling products will be to try not to let them touch the scalp, as this may harm your epidermis and pores.


As it’s an effective approach to exercise and have fun at the same time, swimming is ideal for anybody. Nonetheless, there is an unfortunate aspect of it as well: chlorine.

High chlorine levels can harm your hair. To prevent that make sure to wear a cap and condition your hair after swimming.


The very best method to dry your hair is air drying naturally. Additionally, you may utilize a towel and air dry afterward.

Your hair can be damaged by using a blow dryer set on the hot setting. Don’t leave blow dryer in one place for a while and keep it at least 6 inches separated from your hair.


Use flexible and soft brushes, synthetic or made from natural animal hair, which will do less damage to your hair. Only use a quality brush to straighten your hair.

Use smooth points brushes and wide tooth. This means you’ll prevent split ends from being scratched, and protect your scalp. Always brush hair downwards. Keep your brushes clean by weekly washing using soap. Use brushes made of wood instead of plastic which creates static electricity.